Firstly whirling dervish is in orginaly not a show format. It is a kind of worship accompanied by reed musical instrument. Dervishes each figure meaning different things. Dervishes wearing a black cardigan and before this worship, they left this black cardian and it means rebirth. Dervishes right hand to the sky and left hand to the down which means right hand takes from the God and left hand gives to the poors.

There is 2 different show time and departure is 30 minutes before show time; So please email us when you want to watch than we will check it for departure time.

If you like to watch this show in oldest Caravanserai; which is calling Saruhan Caravanserai and build in 1249.
You need to pay 10 euro more each person.

<span rgb(51,="" 51,="" 51);="" font-family:="" sans-serif,="" arial,="" verdana,="" "trebuchet="" ms";="" font-size:="" 13px;="" background-color:="" rgb(255,="" 255,="" 255);"="">Its worth to see this old caravanserai as well. 
Included :
  • Pick-up from hotel / Drop back to the hotel
  • All the Taxes
  • Entrance fee
Others :
  • 0-12 years of childs not allowed
  • You can cancel the reservation 48 hours before with out any payment,
  • If you cancel last 24 hours than you have to pay 50% of full amount
  • If you dont cancel and if you dont use the reservation than you have to pay all amount.